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“A United Synagogue Rabbi’s Perspective on Partnership Minyanim”

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19th July 2015

Rabbi Kaplan, the Rabbi of Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue, will not advocate for or reject partnership minyanim. He will share his perspective on the halachic and wider considerations.

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Rabbi Eiran Davies: “Kavod Hatzibbur: Respect Yourself”

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5th July 2015

Kavod Hatzibbur – the honour of the congregation, is cited as the principle upon which partnership minyanim are based. Rabbi Davies believes that for there to be a sophisticated and open discussion about this topic, we must familiarise ourselves with the Talmud’s exploration of Kavod with regard to Aliyot.  He also believe that it is problematic for us to describe partnership minyanim as merely permitted, as if such a thing were inherently undesirable, but nonetheless allowed as an unfortunate consequence of modernity. When in reality, the opposite may be true for many congregations, and indeed calling women to read from the Torah must be an obligation for them. This talk is an opportunity for you to gain that familiarity with the Gemara, and develop confidence and understanding in the halachic basis for calling women to read from the Torah.

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“The Applications and Misapplications of Kol Isha” Rabbi Michael Pollack and Felicia Epstein

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14th June 2015

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‘New Voices: An Introduction to Halakhic Issues of Partnership Minyanim’ – Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz

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1st March 2015

Lindsey will examine some of the main halakhic issues involved in Partnership Minyanim. Including, different levels of obligation in prayer, women’s participation in public Torah reading and women’s handling of Torah scrolls. Lindsey will also share some resources for learning more about these topics.

Lindsey is an engaging and popular speaker. She has taught and developed courses at LSJS for over ten years and teaches regularly in many synagogues. She edits books for the Littman Library of Jewish Civilization and has written articles and book reviews for the Jewish Chronicle. Lindsey is a graduate of the LSJS Susi Bradfield Women Educators’ Programme.

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